The history of the humble tulip dates back to the 16th century when it was first brought to Europe from Persia. Simple yet graceful, it soon became one of the most popular flowers in the Netherlands (hence Tulips from Amsterdam), and it has never looked back since. An everyday bloom that we can indulge in 'just because', a tulip bouquet requires no special occasion, but if you are thinking of sending them to friend or loved one, you should consider the meanings associated with each colour. As with most flowers, Red Tulips are a symbol of love and passion, and so they remain a popular choice for Valentine's bouquets. Yellow Tulips are a sign of caring and cheerful thoughts, while Pink Tulips inspire happiness and confidence. Vibrant Purple Tulips on the other hand are the colour of royalty, and so if you want to let her know that she's your queen, this should be your number #1 choice.